Do you dare?

Have you ever taken a huge leap of faith? Ever did something without truly knowing (or caring) what the outcome might be? Ever do it without any preparation? No home waiting for you? No job waiting for you? Just starting with a moving truck and a blank slate? Do you even KNOW where you’re going? [...]

Bringin’ that simple life back

Have you slowed down? Have you found you don’t “need” the things you thought you did? Have you become a homebody? Are you eating dinners together? Are you actually TALKING to each other? Are you sitting on your porch watching the sun set? Are you becoming more creative? Are you learning to cook new meals [...]

You are enough!

You.Are.Enough. I was inspired by a couple of beautiful ladies who have posted about loving yourself, about digging in to your inner self and expressing what you love about YOU! 🦋 So…. please- this is as hard for me as it is for you, but PLEASE….comment 3 things that you love about yourself!💗Everyone has qualities [...]

💭 I scream yet nothing comes out 💭

Ever had a dream where something is happening and you try to scream and you have no voice? Like all that comes out is high pitched air? I do. All.the.time. It’s frustrating. I’m the queen of premonition dreams... that usually come true at one point or another. Also the queen of google who looked up [...]

A different kind of Easter 🐣

Happy Easter! Our kids were busy today so we postponed our Easter Celebration for a few weeks. Mark and I decided to go to church in the morning, then to a movie and dinner. We saw the movie "I Can Only Imagine". I may possibly never hear that song the same again. I'm not going [...]

🎶Just be Held🎶

Click on the link below, close your eyes, listen and let it give you peace. In the midst of circumstances in life these words can comfort you. They sure have been helping me to know that God is bigger. This song has came to my rescue more than once. Just be Held Hold it all [...]

Without breakdowns there’d be no breakthroughs

I'll keep this short & sweet. Sayonara 2017. I’d like to say I’d never want to re-live you again...but without all the breakDOWNS there would be no breakTHROUGHS. I won’t lie-the majority of 2017 just plain sucked. I had more lows than highs, despite the many blessings that I have. There were a few days [...]


I’m exceptionally happy these days! I don’t know, it’s like life has finally just become what I needed it to be. Or maybe I’ve become what I needed to be. Regardless it’s been a nice change compared to the miserable,cranky, crabby, self-absorbed, negative, stuck in a slump way of being.  Things that just cluttered my [...]

Child like faith 

I am so blessed! We had Connor, our grandson, this entire weekend and he was perfect! I cannot say enough good things about what a sweet special little boy he is. That says a lot about momma and daddy because they are the ones who have molded him to be the great little guy he [...]

Hey baby, what’s your sign?

I’m not 100% sold on the whole zodiac, horoscope stuff but damn, some of these cancer sign quotes are soooo spot on! I am deeply intuitive. I can spot a fake, can tell if someone is lying, know your story before you do. Often underestimated because I am usually the quiet one who tries not [...]