Just the two of us~

This is a crazy, busy time of the year for us and yesterday due to huge amounts of rain our schedule was disrupted….& thankfully we were able to spend the entire day doing—-NOTHING!

Mark and I spent the day together doing only what we wanted… Which was nothing. He has been working his tail off trying to stay ahead of all the projects we have going on around here. It’s endless.

My husband has such a strong work ethic. He works so very hard. His character really shines! He works hard til the work is done, not until he feels like quitting. He has been an outstanding example of a great man to our kids. He has shown them that through hard work and patience life somehow turns around for you.

Yesterday we got out of bed when we wanted to… Not because we had to. We sat on the couch and drank coffee and actually enjoyed it instead of forcing it down to get on with the day. We made a trip to town and picked up a few things and even scored some free Lumberjack Festival tickets… Almost like a gift that we knew was given to show us that we are allowed to just STOP… And relax and do something other than work all the time. We ate a late lunch and had a nap… Yes a nap… What is that? We didn’t eat supper til 8pm… Because in the middle of our lazy day we simply lost track of time and didn’t think about it til we got hungry. It was a perfect and much needed day of rest.

Today as I sit and reflect on yesterday I realize how blessed I am to have this man in my life. Our life together has not always been easy but it sure has been worth it. I see how hard my husband has worked for our family throughout his life. I can look back now and see that there were times when I thought none of us were his priority because he always worked so hard. I see now it’s completely not in his character to be lazy and that we were and always will be his top priority.

The other day he looked at me and said “you know, we have some amazing kids… You did a great job with them…you’re such a great mom!” I said “WE did a great job…” He told me that it was me that was with the kids all day, he was just the one who worked. He’s always supported me and been my biggest fan! He’s shown our kids what a real man is. He showed our kids the importance of loving me in front of them. He always calls me beautiful…it’s my nickname to him. Our kids grew up seeing him love me. When they were younger they would joke about how he needed to give it a break…. Gross dad… You know the story. He would follow up to them with “Would you rather see me give your mom a black eye?!? I don’t think so” haha! As much as it may have bugged our kids growing up I do believe that it showed them what love is like. How nice it is to treat your significant other with love and admiration.

Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of just slowing down, enjoying each other, and taking time for us….because you see, right now, US is what we are. We are empty nesters. Our kids are grown and doing their own thing. So us is what we have… It’s who we are and the relationship we have now with our kids is different. They are adults and it is a much more mature relationship. The things we talk about now are very different than ones of the past. With each conversation with them we are assured that they are on the right track. They are learning new things each day. We are so proud of them and really feel like we have done something right along the way.

We are 43 years old and have been together for 28 years. That to me is absolutely amazing !! That I have been with this man for over half of my entire life! We strive to be an example to our kids and those around us that even though it’s not always “picture perfect” it’s REAL and you don’t give up so easily on each other. We have been told by many people that they want what we have. We always wondered “What’s so special about us??? We just do our thing… Live our life… We’re nothing special” But that right there is the key… Something in how we live our lives each day speaks to people around us, and we had no clue! THAT … Is how you do it. You live by example. You SHOW people… You don’t TELL them.

What could be a better compliment? I mean, wow!?! When we think we are screwing up big time every day…people are seeing how we handle it, how we interact…. And thinking to themselves… “I want what they have!” I do believe too many people are taking the easy way out nowadays. It’s easier to give up than work on what needs work.

I see parts of my husbands character shining through in our kids. I see both of us in them. Amazing how your kids can be so much like you, so much like your husband yet complete individuals all at the same time.

I’m blessed to have my husband… He’s blessed to have me. We are a dynamic duo that cannot be broken. Yesterday was just a bit of a reminder to just stop… Every now and again and just “be”….



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